Naklog Logistics adopts giving the best services to its customers and increasing customer satisfaction to top level,
    producing the most appropriate solutions for the offered transportation services in accordance
    with the most effective timing and cost criteria of its customers, timely and undamaged delivery of the goods as a principle.
    Naklog Sakarya 1 / Sakarya - 14.000 m²
    Naklog Sakarya 2 (1.OSB) / Sakarya - 27.500 m²
    Naklog Sakarya 3 (Kaynarca) / Sakarya - 7.000 m²
    Serifali / İstanbul - 2.500 m²
    Maslak / İstanbul - 1.400 m²
    Forklift, Attachment and Storage Equipment Rental
    Operator Rental
    Repair -Maintenance and Services


Vehicle Tracking System
With this service, Naklog Logistics provides online tracking services to its customers about instant location information, KPI reporting, air conditioning control and safety issues.
Our Warehouses
Naklog Sakarya 1 / Sakarya
Naklog Sakarya 2 (1.OSB) / Sakarya
Naklog Sakarya 3 (Kaynarca) / Sakarya
Serifali / İstanbul
Maslak / İstanbul
Informatin Technologies
Every information requested by the customer can easily be provided with ease and vehicle tracking can be done any one voyage. Area, location can easily be got as the system works integrated.
Service Points
Notably Istanbul, Izmir, İzmit, Ankara, Adana and across Turkey, specially prepared in accordance with the customer demand, project based services are given.